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As a woman CEO, witnessing the growth and empowerment of young professionals in my company has been truly inspiring. I am privileged to create a work environment that nurtures their potential and ignites their passion. Now, as I pass the torch to a new team of leaders, I entrust them with the mission to cultivate others and propel our company to new heights, transcending boundaries and shaping a future of limitless possibilities.



CEO & Managing Principal

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Brandy R. Butler is an accomplished leader in the management consulting and human resources industry. As the CEO and Managing Principal of ADC Management Solutions (ADC), she has driven the company's growth since its establishment. Ms. Butler's blend of creative and operational strengths has guided ADC in a competitive and evolving industry, acquiring key contracts with local and Federal government agencies and commercial clients. She is committed to expanding business opportunities for women and minority-owned companies and providing employment opportunities for diverse candidates. With over 3,000 employees and successful workforce development programs, Ms. Butler has significantly impacted the careers of more than 200 individuals. Known for her ability to foster strong relationships with clients and employees, she strives to deliver exceptional service that fulfills client needs. 


A Young Presidents' Organization member and recipient of prestigious awards such as the Smart100 and Brava! Women in Business Achievement Award, Ms. Butler continued to drive success and was honored with the Washington Business Journal's Minority Business Leader Award in 2012. ADC has been recognized as one of the Top Women-Owned Businesses by the Washington Business Journal and was a finalist for the SmartCEO GOVStar Awards. Furthermore, Ms. Butler graduated from the first Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Program cohort in Baltimore, Maryland.




Aspen of DC was born, opening its doors with a personal investment from the owner and a vision of revolutionizing the human resources industry.

High Fives

Our journey towards recognition began with achieving the 8(a) small business certification.

Business People Applauding

Aspen of DC was awarded the prestigious Gov Star Award by Smart CEO.

Creative Office

Our growth was unstoppable. We expanded to 250 employees and rebranded to ADC Management Solutions.

Leadership Presentation

Aspen of DC graduated from the 8a program. This transition led to a new venture as Butler and Boyd joined forces to launch a strategic consulting division focusing on leadership advisory services.

Sharing Ideas
2015 - 2017

We were trusted with the responsibility of program managing the construction of the Wizard's $60 million Practice Facility.

All Hands In

We took on a new challenge by managing Kaiser Permanente's development of "Future Baltimore," a place-based community development initiative. This project would later win the 2019 National HUD Award for PPP Community programming.


This year also marked our move to the latest office location, further supporting our growth and adaptability.

ADC Anniversary Logo 2022 - White.png

Celebrating 20 years of adversity and adaptability. Just like an Aspen tree, we have grown tall and strong despite the challenges.

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This is indeed the foundation of our company, it traces back to Brandy's Aunt, the CEO of The Aspen Group.  where she began her career. This resilient Aspen tree, deeply rooted, symbolizes the principles that drove her Aunt to establish and grow her own business. Brandy, moved by her Aunt's success and the resilient nature of the Aspen tree, chose this emblem when creating her company, ADC Management Solutions. The Aspen tree’s adaptability and ability to flourish in diverse environments echoed the operational ethos Brandy wished to instill in ADC; adaptability to various market conditions, steady growth, resilience, and strength.


ADC has since carved its niche within the saturated staffing industry, specifically championing the cause of women in small businesses. The emblematic Aspen tree, sprouting from the seeds of knowledge and enterprise sown by her aunt, continues to symbolize Brandy's growth under her Aunt's mentorship. This representation holds true as ADC diversifies into other sectors like management consulting, construction management and workforce development.


Reconnecting with the Aspen roots is not just a tribute to ADC's foundational principles, but also an affirmation of its core values: adaptability, resilience, collaboration, and support for women in the business world. By consistently adhering to these values, ADC is set to flourish, thereby positively impacting the business sector and wider community. It's a beautiful fusion of past inspiration and future ambition.



ADC is a powerhouse of possibilities where diverse ideas collide, sparking solutions that are transforming industries and improving lives. We believe in creating a workspace that encourages creativity, nurtures talent, and values each team members unique skills and perspectives. 
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