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What We Do

From People to Projects, our focus is on delivering innovative and strategic solutions that help clients improve the quality of their workforce, streamline operations, and meet regulatory and compliance mandates. Our management and operations experts are ready to deploy our tested and fully customizable solutions to meet and exceed your needs. 

    We provide expertise to government and commercial clients nationally in Human Capital Management, Procurement, Health Administrative Services, Emergency Management and Onsite Business Services.

    We provide consulting and administrative management solutions across the following functional areas below:

    • Human Capital Management
    • Procurement Solutions
    • Health Administrative Services
    • Onsite Business Services

    Human Capital Management

    We understand the complex challenges of creating a high-performing organization in today's marketplace. Keeping up with the rapid pace of change requires best practice-based methods and motivated people with the right skills who are connected to your business goals. Our experienced human capital consultants apply proven strategies to help clients build capacity for lasting cultural and workforce change. 

    Our niche services in human capital management include:

    • Human Capital Planning
    • Strategic Planning
    • Business Process Re-Engineering
    • Change Management
    • Talent Acquisition


    Procurement and Legal Solutions

    Avoiding inflated costs, increased risk, and failure to achieve objectives in procurement is largely based on choosing the right acquisition strategy.  Our procurement professionals have in-depth experience with federal and commercial acquisition policies and systems, and provide expertise in legal environments and responding to Freedom of Information Act requirements.

    To help clients effectively manage their acquisition and litigation needs, we offer solutions in:

    • Contract Administration
    • Life Cycle Management
    • Contract Closeout
    • Grants Management
    • FOIA/Privacy Act Processing
    • Litigation Support

    Health Administrative Services

    With the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the health care industry is in a constant state of flux. The ACA, coupled with demands associated with Medicare and Medicaid, are driving the need for administrative processing in support of federal health care solutions. ADC Management Solutions is positioned to support the growing need for professional, administrative and specialized medical personnel.

    We support your administrative health needs in the following areas:

    • Claims Processing & Review
    • Medicaid & Medicare Data Processing
    • Medical Billing & Coding
    • Call Center
    • Records Management

    Onsite Business Services

    While they may not be core to your business, important human resources, administrative and transactional functions impact everything from daily operations and risk management, to knowledge sharing and the public perception of an organization. With ever-changing technology, limited resources and pressures to reduce waste, managing these functions for an enterprise can be challenging.

    ADC Management Solutions provides well-trained and highly motivated service delivery teams to operate your desired outsourced solution within your business environment, including:

    • Call Center
    • Copy Room
    • HR & Workforce Strategies
    • Onsite Mailroom
    • Records Management
    The applicants recommended for hire by ADC Management Solutions are dedicated and committed to the job. They have met in a timely manner every need of our division and have created a very efficient partnership.
    — Department of Commerce Client

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