ADC-MS Launches the WRAP Academy

The District of Columbia’s Summer Youth Employment Program (MBSYEP) was founded by Marion S. Barry in 1979 to help youth earn wages and engage in professional development activity during a six-week summer month period. For many participants, MBSYEP serves as their first job, exposing them to work experience and vital professional skills. Three years ago, ADC-MS partnered with the DC Department of General Services (DGS), in providing comprehensive program oversight and temporary staffing approach to ensure the effectiveness of the DGS component of the MBSYEP.  Our solution is built around the premise that summer youth workers require active supervision and it is the desire of the District to not only provide summer employment, but that program participants should be afford training in skill areas to support their future employ-ability. Key components of this program include participant matching by experience and interests, weekly personal and professional development skill workshops, community service initiatives, career coaching, and counselor engagement, and formal closing ceremony. Following the success of our pilot MBSYEP program with DGS, ADC-MS was granted the opportunity to debut our sister pilot program, DC WRAP Academy, in conjunction with The DC Department of Employment Services. The Workforce Readiness and Preparatory Academy (WRAP Academy) is a premier workforce development program for young adult youth, ages 18-24, to prepare them for the workplace and continued education. Check out pictures from this year's youth summer experience on our Twitter Page! 

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